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NorthCol provides end-to-end experience and expertise in web development, web design and site administration, web mapping, and database development - yeah, we do it all. In general our philosophy is to take maximum advantage of licensed, free and open source software whenever possible and applicable to a given project in order to rapidly produce the highest quality sites and applications.

Our team evaluates each potential solution not only for the functionality provided by the software, but also on the level of scalability, extensibility and interoperability provided by the software to ensure our integrated solutions deliver on these qualities as well. Use of existing software solutions allow us to a) rapidly prototype applications with a minimum amount of development and b) quickly roll out systems that meet many of the requirements for a given system or project.

Once an initial prototype site or application is launched, review and modification of the application can progress rapidly as we then focus in on the essential business requirements, user experience, and enhanced capabilities of the project. This process of iterative and incremental development allows us to learn from and refine the site or application rapidly.


  1. Web Development and Design

  2. Database Development

  3. Workflow Automation

  4. Internet Mapping

  5. Graphic Arts

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